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With the Right TC,
Less Is More!

Have you ever stopped to count the times you had to send emails, contract addendums, schedule inspections and make phone calls, for just one client?

A transaction coordinator (TC) is a must to properly scale your business, close more contracts and increase your client satisfaction. As a transaction coordinator, I cut your administrative tasks by more than half! That means for you, less emails, phone calls, and addendums!


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As your TC, I handle all of your scheduling needs. I help you keep track of your schedule insuring that you don't miss anything! I also schedule all transaction events such as inspections, signatures, documentation and compliance. 

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As a busy agent, paperwork can be a headache! That is where I come in. I ensure that all paper work is correctly signed and managed so that you are able to close as easily and hassle free as possible. 


Im sure it can be easy to get buried in unread emails. As your TC, I make sure that all emails from contract to close are answered in a timely manner allowing you to focus your attention on scaling your business and closing more deals. 

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Frequently asked questions

How much are your services?

Transaction Coordination for a single agent is $300.

What tasks do you complete for your clients?

  • Oversees all aspects of buyer and seller transactions from contract (executed purchase agreement) to closing.
  • Coordinate title/escrow, mortgage loan and appraisal processes
  • Regularly update and maintain communication with clients, agents, title officer, lender etc.
  • Submit all necessary documents to office broker for file compliance
  • Schedule, coordinate, and confirm the closing process
  • Provide calendar updates to agent/client with all pertinent dates of the contract
  • Maintain and update a shared file of all docs related to the transaction

How do you get paid?

An invoice is sent to the agent at every closing. We accept check and all major credit cards.

What is needed to start your services?

To start, we would conduct a consultation to get information about your client and their home. I need the purchase agreement and information about your client, title company, lender and brokerage. This informatin can be emailed to the email adress provided. Once our agreement is signed, work begins.

How many contracts can you handle per month?

I am equipped to handle as many contracts as you need to help you grow, scale and optomize your businesss.

What if the transaction falls through?

Real estate can be tricky, we get it. If transactions are canceled during the due diligence perion, there is no charge to the agent. The agent simply signs a contract release form. If the transaction falls through after that point, there is a $100 fee.

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Are You Ready?

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